GM Unveils Sequel Fuel Cell SUV

gm concept car.jpg

Detroit is where it’s at for car industry types, at least until January 23, when the North American International Auto Show ends. (It’s open to the public, fyi.) That’s where, a few days ago, General Motor unveiled its beefiest, newest hydrogen concept vehicle, the Sequel, which can travel 300 miles on its fuel supply, about 50 miles better than the current competition. Oh--and it's about the size of a Cadillac SRX. (that's like, huge, okay?) The Sequel accelerates from 0-60 in 10 seconds—the fastest fuel cell yet. Quick as it is, it won’t make it to market that speedily—apparently fuel efficiency still doesn’t equal cost efficiency, at least not from a production standpoint. It’ll be at least five years (and lots of legislation) until these babies hit the showroom. Via ::Planet Ark Via ::CBS MarketWatch [by MO]