GM to Make 10,000 Volts in 2011 and 30,000 in 2012

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Patience, Grasshopper
According to Volt Marketing Director Tony DiSalle, General Motors will build 10,000 Volt "extended-range electric vehicles (aka series plug-in hybrids) by the end of 2011, and an additional 30,000 Volts during the 2012 calendar year. That's not a lot, and they won't be available in all markets from the start. "DiSalle also confirmed that the first Volts available for retail sales will be sold in California; Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; and the New York City metropolitan area later this year." Read on for more details.
chevy volt black photo

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Volts are expected to be available in Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, as well as the balance of Texas and New York in the first quarter of 2011. Additional markets will be added as production volume increases during the second model year, with the Chevy Volt available in all 50 states 12-18 months after launch.

After All These Years of Waiting...
As an aside, I'd like to comment about GM's marketing strategy. There are two main approaches to announcing new products: Either you wait as long as possible before saying anything, like Apple, or you write a press release every time there's a new prototype or production milestone, like GM has done with the Volt. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but one of the downsides of the latter is definitely that by the time the thing actually comes out, it has become old news. I undertand GM wanted positive things to say during difficult times, but maybe in the future they would benefit from moving a bit in the Apple direction...

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