GM to Hire 1,000 Engineers & Researchers to Develop Electric Vehicles

chevy volt engineers photo

Photo: GM

If There's One Thing Michigan Needs, It's Jobs...

While the "green jobs" bonanza that some predicted hasn't quite happened yet, there are many high quality green jobs that are being created all around the world these days. The latest announcement comes from GM, who starting today will start hiring 1,000 engineers and researchers in Michigan to "significantly expand its vehicle electrification expertise and lead in the development of electric vehicles from hybrids to electric vehicles with extended-range capability, like the Chevrolet Volt."

chevy volt engineers photo

Photo: GM

"GM is going to lead the industry in the adoption of various vehicle electrification technologies, whether its electric vehicles with extended-range capability, like the Chevrolet Volt, or the recently introduced eAssist technology that will debut on the 2012 Buick LaCrosse," Akerson said. "We want to give our customers energy choices other than petroleum and to make the automobile part of the solution when it comes to the environment."

Need to Go Further
Of course, to really give its customer a choice "other than petroleum", GM would have to make a battery-only electric car, since the Voltec drivetrain used in the Volt still relies on a gasoline engine to go farther than its battery range (around 40 miles). We've heard rumors about an EV version of the Volt, but so far, no real confirmation or timeline has come out.

GM also needs to clean up its manufacturing processes. Factories should be powered with clean energy as much as possible, buildings should be energy efficient and healthy, materials should be sourced properly and be as recyclable and non-toxic as possible, etc. A car will stay a car, but as long as we keep making them (and that's the foreseeable future), they should have the smallest footprint as possible, and be used as little as possible (driving in a rural area, sure, but commuting in the city should be done using transit).

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