GM Shows Fake Hybrid Concept SUV to Journalists?


I was browsing around on the auto-web when I found an interesting editorial at The Truth About Car: They discuss an article in Autoweek about GM's concept hybrid SUV, the Graphyte. The priceless quote: "In fact, Autoweek let slip that the Graphyte is a sham. The demo SUV was powered by the same old GM iron-- despite the plastic cover proclaiming it a hybrid. 'We later learned that actual prototypes are out in the real world doing engineering tests…' So noone at GM told Autoweek that the demo SUV had a gas-guzzling V8 until AFTER they drove it? You couldn’t ask for a better illustration of the dishonest desperation infesting The General’s ranks." I know that prototypes are work-in-progress, but if that accusation is true, GM has crossed the line into greenwashing territory once again.

::The Truth About Cars, ::Autoweek