GM Releases 2011 Chevy Volt Photos & Specifications! (Tons of Photos)

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car photo

Tons of Photos of the Volt, Interior & Exterior
We already knew what it looked like because of "leaked pictures" (who knows if it was an accident or not), but now GM has officially released pictures of the Volt plug-in hybrid for its centennial along with some technical specifications.

Read on for a lot more pics and specs.

Update: What Comes After the Volt? Which GM Models Will Use the Volt's Drivetrain? and GM to Build the Volt's 1.4L Engine in Flint and Double Production of Small 4-Cylinder Engines by 2011.

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car photo

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car photo

According to GM's release, top speed for the Volt should be 100 mph. Electric range is still rated at 40 miles, with a gas/E85 engine that can charge the 16-kWh lithium-ion batteries over that.

Horsepower and torque are rated at 150 hp and 273 lb-ft (!).

The Tires will be specially developed low rolling-resistance tires on 17-inch forged aluminum wheels.

The chassis is: "independent McPherson struts front, compound crank twist axle rear, four-wheel disc brakes, full regenerative brakes to maximize energy capture, electric power-assist steering"

No official MPG numbers yet, though they would be a bit hard to calculate with the standard EPA test because the numbers you get will be heavily dependent on the distance you drive and how full the battery is when you start.

More photos and technical info on page 2!

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