GM to Call Back 8,000 Chevrolet Volt to Strengthen Battery Pack [Updated]

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It's Official -- See Update Below

The saga continues! After some Chevy Volt battery fire issues during testing and GM offering Volt owners to buy back their cars or loan them replacements, we learn that that GM has decided to not take any chances; it is supposedly about to announce a call back of 8,000 Volt electric cars.

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The Associated Press only writes: "A person briefed on the matter says General Motors will ask Volt owners to bring their electric cars into dealers to strengthen the structure around the batteries." We should have more details later today, but if you own a Volt, expect to be contacted by your dealer and to have to bring them you car for some strengthening of the structure protecting the battery pack. These repairs are a step below a formal recall.

Stay tuned for more info!

Update: All right. It's official. GM is calling it an "enhancement", and they're going to ask Volt owners to bring back their cars to the dealership so that the metal structure around the battery can be reinforced. They will also add a sensor to monitor the battery coolant, and a tamper-proof bracket to prevent coolant overfill.

GM writes: " Through the first 11 months of 2011, Volt owners accumulated nearly 20 million miles without an incident similar to the results in the NHTSA tests. 'The Volt has always been safe to drive. Now, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers’ peace of mind in the days and weeks following a severe crash,' said Mary Barra, GM senior vice president of Global Product Development."

Here's what this looks like:

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GM to Call Back 8,000 Chevrolet Volt to Strengthen Battery Pack [Updated]
Following Chevy Volt battery fires during NHTSA safety testing a few weeks ago, GM has decided to call back its electric cars to improve the structure around the battery packs.

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