GM Produce Videos of Green Projects

GM has created four short movies to highlight what they are doing to green their operations. They’re on various topics, and some are more interesting than others, but it’s nice to see them making an effort. Perhaps they should stick to making cars, and leave films to someone else.

One video shows how they have achieved LEED gold certification on one of their new factories, the Delta Lansing Township Assembly Plant. Things like good insulation, solar panels and natural light have been used to cut the power demands of the facility. However, in the same video where they are proudly talking about saving water by installing new toilet cisterns, there are hundreds of SUVs rolling off the production line. The company may be doing what they can with green architecture, but you must remember the purpose of that building. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive sight – GM has one plant that has its own 1 megawatt solar power plant.They also talk about the Challenge X competition that they co-organise with the DoE. Here, groups of students take an SUV and attempt to increase fuel efficiency, without taking away all the comfort and features. As I said, the videos aren’t the most exciting, but it’s a glimpse into what GM is doing to reduce their footprint. Whether it’s enough or not is another matter, but they are doing more than other car companies at least. Now if only they would stop making big, gas-guzzling SUVs. ::BrightCove

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