GM Kills the Hummer H1


That's one funeral we don't care if we miss. "Cheering just about every other driver on the road, General Motors Corp. said Friday that it is ditching the H1 by June," announced the SFGate. Green Car Congress said: "the manufacturer, AM General, will convert the H1 assembly line to produce more military Humvees, which the company also produces. For many, the H1 became the symbol for petroleum excess: an overly large vehicle with overly large fuel consumption." Of course, the H1 was a low volume vehicle (only around 12,000 were sold; the also huge Hummer H2 is more popular), but what it represents and the trend it helped push into the mainstream when it came out in 1992 was the problem, not to mention how dangerous it is for other drivers and how it threw fuel (almost literally) on the fire of the arms race on our roads. Good riddance. ::Green Car Congress, ::SFGate.

In other news, "Mark Price, president and founder of the Illiana Hummer Club is looking to buy a fourth Hummer H1." At $147,000 a piece, he must really like them. via ::Appreciation for H1