GM Keeps Its Greener Cars Out of North-America


While GM is in big trouble and ready to do anything to get people to buy its huge SUVs (employee discount, releasing the 2007 models in late 2005, etc), it has many perfectly decent vehicles that it only sells outside of North-America through its Opel branch (though Mexico apparently gets some models). Case in point, the new Opel Meriva is a compact minivan, or large wagon, or crossover; it's hard to label, but it seems to have a high level of utility for things that people actually do (hint: it's not offroad) and a spacious interior relatively to its exterior footprint.Add to that a small turbo-diesel engine that could be powered by biodiesel and a fuel consumption of 5.0 liters/100 km (47 mpg US) in the combined European cycle, and it seems like a winner.

Yet GM doesn't seem interested in importing it or some of its other designs at a time when it's clearly the direction the market is headed in (read: Small Japanese Cars Are Coming to North-America, Again, Small Car Comeback in US). Strange. ::Opel (GM) Introduces New Entry-Level 47MPG Diesel Compact Minivan