GM Gas-Electric Hybrid Car Ad From... 1969!

gm electric hybrid car 1969 photo

Photo: GM
The More Things Change...
Speaking of GM and electric cars, here's an ad from 1969 that shows a series hybrid powered by a stirling engine. The underlying concept isn't actually so different from the upcoming Chevy Volt, and while at the time the technology probably wasn't there to make this a commercial success, we can wonder what happened to this concept in the years between then and now... Full ad (with text) below.The image is from BangShift:

gm electric hybrid car 1969 photo

Photo: GM

It's basically a series hybrid based on the Opel Kadett. The stirling engine recharges 14 lead-acid batteries.

This reminds us of the other GM hybrid from 1969, the XP-883 (or were they part of the same concept-project?).

History repeats itself...

Via BangShift, Gas 2
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