GM, Ford Can Meet US's Strongest Emissions Standards by 2012, Based on New Fuel Economy Proposals

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photo: Ford Motor Co.

According to a new piece of analysis by NRDC of fuel economy plans submitted to Congress by General Motors and Ford will be able to meet the most stringent emissions standards in the nation. Chrysler did not provide fuel economy projections.

You can download a PDF of the analysis (GM and Ford Investment Plans and California Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards) but here are the key points:GM Fuel Economy For Car Fleet = 37.3 MPG
If GM meets its planned 2012 fleet fuel economy levels of 37.3 mpg for new cars and 27.5 mpg for light trucks, the projected greenhouse gas emissions would comply with a national version of the California GHG emissions standards.

Ford Will Improve Fuel Economy by 26%
Compare to its 2005 baseline, Ford will improve fleet fuel economy by 26% in 2012, and by 36% in 2015. This would allow Ford to comply with California emission standards in both 2012 and 2015.

NRDC goes on to recommend that GM and Ford should adopt a uniform national emission standard by taking the high ground and apply the California emissions standards nationwide. Additionally, the Big Three should end their opposition to California’s standards as a precondition to receiving any federal bailout money.

More at: NRDC (press release)

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