GM Delivers Hydrogen Powered "Sequel" to Camp Pendleton:


AP, via MSNBC "Hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles could hit showrooms as early as 2011 and the technology will revitalize General Motors, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said as he delivered a hydrogen concept car to be test driven by Camp Pendleton Marines over the next few months". We're hoping that bit of good news answers the question on Mike's post, which was essentially, 'When will they actually sell fuel cell powered cars in the US?' [As opposed to using them mainly as backdrops for executive posers, we might add.] Obviously, the US defense industry figures highly in GMs immediate strategy, which makes good sense as an introductory market for the next 4 years. There may be bad news, however, for fuel-cell car fans who'll not be in battle regalia: on the consumer side, fuel cell cars will be mainly found in Chinese dealer show rooms. ""Whether or not we get a hydrogen infrastructure, it doesn't matter, because China will be the first hydrogen economy," he said." All teasing aside, GM has some high cards going into this game: like proven and patented fuel cell stacks that will not be readily "knocked off" and an already strong presence in China. Next question is: what does China have to put them in this game? Well, lets try a massive new hydropower facility that can crank on some serious electrolyzers. And a host of windy, high-desert plains popping up wind farms. And, a fueling infrastructure that needs expansion and upgrading anyway. And, terrible urban air quality problems that hydrogen powered vehicles would help to reduce. So here's the deal. You North American "hydrogen skeptics" can keep making smug remarks about 'vapor ware' or 'fuel of the forever beyond,' while GM helps China save the earths' climate. Should make everyone happy. You'll get all better eventually, we promise.Dragon Car image credit: original fantasy art by Amanda Penrose