GM Could Double Chevy Volt PHEV Production to 120,000 in 2012

gm chevy volt factory photo

Photo: GM
Doubling Down
According to "people familiar with the matter" cited by Bloomberg, GM CEO Dan Akerson is planning to increase the Chevrolet Volt's production target to 120,000 in 2012, or twice the original number. This is good news since one of the big complaints about the Volt was that GM wasn't making nearly enough of them to truly reduce its fleet's carbon footprint.
gm chevy volt factory photo

Photo: GM
Volt output this year may increase to 25,000 from an original plan of 10,000, Akerson said earlier this month. GM now is working with suppliers to raise 2012 capacity from an earlier target of 60,000. It may not build that many if parts aren't available or demand isn't strong enough, said the people, who didn't want to be named because the plans are private. (source)

The biggest problem will be getting enough battery packs from supplier LG Chem.

But if GM can ramp up production this much, economies of scale will start to kick in and it'll help not only drive down the cost of the PHEV, but it'll probably also benefit other automakers who will buy batteries from LG Chem.

gm chevy volt factory photo

Photo: GM

As I always say, it's still much better to walk, bike, or take transit. But if you're going to be driving a car, the Volt's probably one of the most benign choices on the market these days (if you need more range than the current crop of electric cars can offer). But if possible at all, go car-less.

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Via Bloomberg, ABG
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