Giatex - Sportable Stretching Bicycles

Remember back to the bicycle you got all those Christmases ago, when you still had braces on your teeth? How you grew out of it so fast? Well, Giatex is a bike you can grow into. It stretches as you do. From being age six, up until you are six foot tall. Unlike the hinges on a folding bike, the Giatex has an adjustable sliding central tube. The wheels are slightly offset, so they can slip beside one another, when packing the bike it up. And the pedals even flip up at the press of a button. All the size adjustments can be accomplished without special tools. Three models, with two wheel sizes 16" and 20" (the latter being standard BMX size so you can try all manner of treads to suit.) Reviews suggest it makes a zippy commuter bike, through might be a bit springy in the frame for long haul tours. Seems Giatex could be releasing a square tube version, possibly to overcome this reservation. (See bike in full frame size in expanded post.) Pardon the jaggie pics, they're from a video of how the bike compacts.::Giatex