Giant's Revive Spirit Electric Assist Bike

We review a lot of electric bicycle options, but the unfortunate thing is that few of them are mainstream enough for your average shopper. Well stop the presses; when a company like Giant makes an electric assist cruiser, that's a big deal. With a Panasonic brushless motor and Shimano breaks, The Revive Spirit semi-recumbent bike will take you 20 miles at 16 miles per hour. Or, if you like pedaling, you'll have a much longer range, with the extra kick it takes to tackle hills, or those final miles of a long haul...For your comfort on those long rides, the super-lush seat and rear suspension ease the road's bumps. Slime sealant-filled tires, an upright stance and front and rear lights make for much safer riding. The only drawback we see is it's oh-so-slight dork factor -- but hey, when it comes to going gasoline-free sometimes the payoff is worth eating a little crow. Just the same, we'd like to suggest the following "modifications" to the folks at Giant. You can have one of these for your garage starting at $2200. :: Spirit Electric Assist Bike [by DM]


The standard issue Spirit Electric

The Treehugger-Authorised Remix. Hey, it's so easy in Photoshop, it couldn't be too much more difficult in real life. Take One Honda Civic, cut to size, install as a fairing. Instant cool-mobile.