Gentlemen Drivers Caught Helping Pedestrians Cross the Road (Video)

So often it seems, in this world dominated by automobiles, that otherwise kindhearted folks can transform into hurried, inconsiderate jerks when behind the wheel of a car, looking upon pedestrians as mere second-class citizens getting in their way. But just when you thought that all sense of human decency had been drowned out in the din of traffic, here's proof that some drivers' hearts are indeed bigger than the steel frames that enclose them.

In the dash-cam compilation above, we see gentlemenly drivers in Russia going above and beyond to perform the quintessential good deed: helping old folks cross the road. Sure, perhaps it's not entirely legal to hop out and lend someone a hand like this, but who can argue with the angel on their shoulder?

If you're wondering how such footage was captured, in response to skyrocketing cases of insurance fraud, dashboard cameras have become the norm in Russia -- and although they're intended to document nefarious behavior, sometimes they actually capture quite the opposite.

Gentlemen Drivers Caught Helping Pedestrians Cross the Road (Video)
As the heaviest travel day of gets underways, here's a nice reminder of what common courtesy on the road should look like.

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