GEM E2 electric car

Now, this may not set speed records, like the previous electric vehicles we’ve discussed, such as the Eliica, Tango or the Venturi. But it is pretty cheap and not a prototype, so you can buy one today. Designed for low speed (25mph or 40kph) around-town use, it will get 30 miles (48km) on an 8 hour charge - plugged into a standard US 110v power outlet. Comes in red, yellow, green, white, blue, and silver, with a bunch of optional accessories, such as soft or hard doors and luggage boxes. GEM stands for Global Electric Motorcars. They were acquired by the DaimlerChrysler Company, in 2000, but still make their home (and the cars) in North Dakota, USA. The smallest of their range is the E2. It costs $6995. ::GEM [by WM]