Gearless Checks Out the Tesla Model S (Video)

gearless tesla model s photo

Image credit: Gearless

When I wrote about Robert Llewellyn's experiment with fast electric vehicle charging, one commenter rather uncharitably argued that this was "why entertainers should not do science reporting and green web sites should not parrot the poorly thought out entertainment." Sure, Robert's Gearless online show, like its predecessor Carpool, is a little short on the technical details. But I for one find that kind of charming. It's an entertaining show for amateur enthusiasts—not a detailed exploration of the finer points of electric vehicle geekery. So I couldn't help but post on Robert's visit to the Tesla showroom to check out the Model S. But be warned—this is more about drooling than it is data.Sure, we do learn that the Model S will be designed to quickly swap out batteries in about 5 minutes, that those batteries can be fully charged in about 45 minutes, and that the projected range for this thing is about 300 miles. But beyond that, what we really learn is that Rober Llewellyn is excited, very excited, about the Model S. Somehow that's OK. Say what you like, I think this guy is fun to watch.

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