Gas Buddy's Map Shows How Expensive Your Gas Is

gas buddy gas prices map

So how much are you paying for gas (assuming, of course, you haven't yet gone car-free)? Those living on the West Coast (especially California) -- or in Hawaii -- probably already know that they're paying a nice premium over some of their fellow Midwestern drivers. If you've ever wanted a graphical representation of just how much more (or less) you've been paying, Gas Buddy has just the ticket for you: a customizable gas temperature map that allows you to see prices by county.

The website also features historical price charts and some useful tips for ways to reduce your gas consumption -- or, heck, stop driving altogether. Though we're of the mindset that high gas prices could prove beneficial -- revitalizing public transit, reducing our energy consumption and encouraging clean energy technologies -- we realize that some of you have little choice in the matter. Those of you on the edge, however, may now have an extra incentive to switch.

Via ::The Big Picture: USA National Gas Temperature Map (blog)

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