Galpshare, a European Carpooling Platform

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Lately, individual car ownership has become less and less attractive in cities, whilst carsharing services have become more and more inviting: more commodity (no need to hunt for parking spaces, less bills,…), less expensive and greener. Gulpshare is a new European carpooling platform launched in Portugal (see ad below), by the oil company Galp Energia.In the US, Zipcar for example, recently teamed up with Zimride, has over 275.000 members worldwide and the company is growing fast. Apart from commodity, carpooling leads to eco-friendlier mobility due to shorter distances travelled per person, and is definitely a habit we should get into. In March this year, Galpshare was launched in Portugal. The carpooling platform allows you to create a profile online and share your daily journey with the rest of the members to find those who head the same direction at the same time. The service is a kind of social network where you can also share other interests such as music, politics, sports, work etc. After all you will be sitting in the same car with the other person, so it makes sense to have something to talk about and make the ride more enjoyable.

Whilst some petrol companies decide to invest into cleaner energy, Galp Energia chose to build a carpooling platform, in order to help their clients to live a more sustainable lifestyle and safe a few cent on the way. Greenwashing? –You decide, but every drop counts. Galpshare was launched with a beautiful ad campaign:

Galpshare's network spreads all over Portugal. We also found a similar service called De Boleia, which is very active and actually existed before Galpshare. Nice to see this new trend picking up around Europe too. Via ::Springwise ::Galpshare
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