Gallons Saved: Toyota Hybrid Marketing Billboard


Smart marketing from Toyota. This billboard, using some unknown math (but the exact number of gallons isn't as important as reminding people of the general idea of conservation and fuel efficiency), is showing the amount of gasoline saved by people who drive vehicles powered by the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD - the name of Toyota's hybrid system). Notice that no particular model is mentioned; it is the hybrid technology that is front and center.This kind "vehicle agnostic" publicity is not surprising considering that Toyota had announced that it would market the HSD technology directly, and it is probably a smart move to build a strong "hybrid" brand and avoid getting people to focus too much on the "Prius" brand, especially since Toyota is planning to "hybridize" its whole lineup in the future.

Thanks to Frank G. from Car Buyer's Notebook for the picture.

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