'Gallons of Light': Best Tesla commercial so far?

Gallons of Sunlight Tesla commercialYoutube/Screen capture

A labor of love by a fan

Jordan Bloch likes the Tesla Model S electric car so much that he decided to create an unofficial commercial for it. And it's not amateur hour, the dude is talented! Just the title, 'Gallons of Light', brings to mind great imagery and perfectly encapsulates the combination of the Tesla EV and the solar-powered Supercharger network that was used by the Knapp family on the road-trip that is featured in the ad. Maybe Tesla should look into hiring that guy...

Here's the video:

If you're curious about the backstory that led to the creation of this video, it is all explained on this page (just scroll down below the video). It goes into a lot of details about how the idea first appeared, how he recruited the Knapp family, writing, production, post-production, etc. Very interesting stuff!

Gallons of Sunlight Tesla commercialYoutube/Screen capture

Via Jordan Bloch

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