G-Wiz Virus Spreading Fast


GoinGreen is the London-based company behind the success of the quirky-looking, but increasingly popular, G-Wiz electric car. As we saw in our interview with GoinGreen Managing Director Keith Johnston here and here, the company has followed a radically different model compared to the average car dealership, using viral marketing techniques, and refusing to invest in either advertising or showrooms.

Looking at the news section of the company’s website (and the streets of London), it seems that this approach may be paying off. May and June were apparently record months for deliveries of the G-Wiz, with over 150 vehicles hitting the streets in these two months alone. While these number would be pitiful for any regular car dealership, GoinGreen’s low-overheads approach is allowing them to slowly but surely increase their sales of a radically different product. The cars popularity is being helped by celebrity endorsements - Jerry Hall has just become a proud owner, and TV presenter Jonathan Ross has just taken delivery of his second G-Wiz. For the first time since the car began being marketed in London, the company is claiming that there is currently no wait for one of these efficient, nippy town cars. It looks like the G-Wiz virus may be in danger of becoming an epidemic. ::GoinGreen:: via site visit::

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