G-Wiz Gets Even Cheaper

Last time we wrote about the G-Wiz, it was the centre of some controversy after outspoken British motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson trashed it comprehensively. As we said at the time, many of Clarkson’s criticisms about the vehicle’s speed and size seemed a little off-base, given that it is intended purely as an inner-city commuter vehicle. While his worries about safety may be more significant, the folks at GoinGreen, the G-Wiz distributors, were quick to point out that the G-Wiz so far has an excellent safety record. Considering the amount of G-Wiz’s appearing on the streets of London (May and June saw record deliveries), it would appear that a significant proportion of the public are open to GoinGreen’s interpretation of the issue. And now this quirky-looking little vehicle is only likely to get even more popular – GoinGreen have just announced that the price on the improved-performance AC version has been dropped to £7,299 (US$14,600), while the older DC version has been discontinued completely:
‘GoinGreen’s stated aim has always been to enable as many motorists as possible to go green and this starts with the purchase price. As manufacturing volume has increased, so have economies of scale and our policy is to pass these savings on to our customers. The G-Wiz now offers a great combination of best-in-class performance across all three measures of range, acceleration and top speed and is designed to be upgradeable to lithium-ion batteries, which will significantly improve performance even further. Moreover, the price point is more than three thousand pounds below other lower performance EVs using older technology.’

Apparently lithium-ion batteries should become available for the G-Wiz in 2008, which should offer even better range, charging times, and cold weather performance. ::GoinGreen:: via site visit::

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