The future of transportation, as imagined by Disney in 1958 (video)

Future of transportation Disney
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The future ain't what it used to be! (part 2)

A little while ago we posted some images of the future of transportation as predicted from the year 1900. Most predictions included animals or the then futuristic concept of flying machines. Fast-forward 58 years, and Disney produced an animation film showing what they thought the future of transportation would be like. This time, it's all about technology; radar windshield, atomic-powered tunnel diggers, color-coded highways with electronic traffic signs, modular vehicles, heated roads that never get snowy, self-driving cars with televisions, flying ambulances (pictured above), etc.

We may yet see some of those things happen, but what's strangely missing from Disney's vision is traffic and pollution... Hopefully we can get rid of those. That'd be much cooler than flying cars!

Here are a few images from the 1900 predictions. Click on them if you want to see the whole set:

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