Fully Charged Tests Unusual Mia Electric Car (Video)


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From the Ford Transit electric delivery van to the Mitsubishi MiEV to the Nissan Leaf, Robert Llewellyn has been busy documenting the mainstreaming of electric vehicles (EVs)—cars and vans that don't look out of place next to their gasoline-driven counterparts. But the more unconventional EV isn't dead either. And in this episode he takes the Mia for a spin, and enjoys a rather unusual seating position for the driver.

Besides giving us an update on his solar panel installation and its ability to fuel his Nissan Leaf and walking us through his opinions on ambitious schemes like the Desertec solar Sahara project, Llewellyn does what he does best—gets behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and enthuses about an alternative transportation future.

As Robert explains, the Mia is one of the cars that will be used in the gigantic Paris electric car sharing scheme just launched. Available for sale to the public in 2012, the company plans on producing 1000 cars a month by the end of this year. Performance and pricing details are a little thin on the ground right now, although one page on the website does suggest an entry level price of €19,500 (US$26,500).

If Robert Llewllyn's enthusiastic reaction is anything to go by (OK, when is he not enthusiastic?), this may be one to watch out for.

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