Fully Charged explores the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X photo
Video screen capture Fully Charged

"It's a big car. It goes really fast. I don't know how much it costs yet."

Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged show isn't always the best source for technical information about any given car. And there's really nothing new in this latest video for anyone already familiar with the Tesla Model X. But it is an awful lot of fun. Earlier today I posted a video of Llewellyn offering a silent take down of electric car naysayers, laying to rest the myth that electric cars are dirty because they just run on coal.

Then I came across this rather charming video of our man getting all excited about the Tesla Model X, which has just been launched in the UK.

"It's left hand drive. Or 'normal', as many people in YouTube comments tell me."

Oh, Robert...

Fully Charged explores the Tesla Model X
Robert Llewellyn gets rather excited. Again.

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