FuelVapor Alé: Vancouver - San Francisco on One Tank


Somehow we seem to have overlooked the Alé to date, though just noticed that the eagle eyes at Hugg spied it ages ago. Anyhow, it's designers reckon this strange fish-like beastie can currently attain 92 mpg (2.56 litres/100km). But that's not good enough to take out a share of the multi million prize pool in the X-prize, which want production ready vehicles to achieve 100 mpg (2.35 litres/100km). So Fuel Vapor Technologies of Canada are looking for investors to help bring their prototype to the next stage: Production. They already feel they have the engine bit pretty much sorted. Computers eke out the extra performance fuel economy by automatically determining when the engine in not in high demand and closing off the fuel injectors so the engines purrs alone on vapours alone, at a ratio of 20 part air to one part gasoline. (Most car engines are said to be about 14.7:1). "The "alé" runs on regular gasoline, and easily achieves the level of "super low" emissions with a 30% reduction in CO2. Even more impressive is the fact that all the data to date has been gathered without a catalytic converter." But will it break the 100 mpg barrier and will people want to buy it? ::Fuel Vapor Technologies, via ::Futuresheet.

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