Fuel Cell Powered Trains on the Rails In Japan


Much of Japan's fabulous rail system is electrified, but for those routes still running diesel-electric locomotives the NE-train is coming. The diesel generator is replaced with two 65 Kw Hydrogen powered fuel cells and a hydrogen tank to power the motors and it stores regenerative braking energy in batteries. Pollution? the Google translation (below the fold) says, "as for the excreta just the water"
via ::Akhabara NewsMaking the hydrogen the large air oxygen combine, generates electricity JR east Japan to develop the worldwide first train which loads the " fuel cell ", on the fourth, it understood that the test vehicle completes soon. Doing test travelling destined for utilization, you collect the data. According to the authorized personnel, as for the test vehicle one formation. It loads two fuel cells of 65 kilowatts, it says travelling at speed per hour hundred kilometer is possible. You remodel the hybrid test train " NE train " which combines the Diesel generator and the storage battery which the same company developed in 2003. It is the shape which loaded the fuel cell in place of the Diesel generator. The practical vehicle of the NE train from around the summer of 07, is introduced into the small sea line of the non- electrification which runs Nagano and Yamanasi both prefecture. It loads the hydrogen tank to the test vehicle. It supplies the hydrogen to the fuel cell and reacts with the oxygen, it designates the electricity which occurs as power. The electricity which is left over and the electricity which is given out at the time of the brake are accumulated by the storage battery, become auxiliary power source. The fuel cell not to occur if the process which makes the hydrogen which becomes the fuel is made another, with itself two carbon oxide which make causing of terrestrial warming (the CO2), as for the excreta just the water. Also energy efficiency is high. Original Page in ::Fuji Sankei News