Frito-Lay Adds Over 1,200 Fuel Efficient Vehicles to Fleet

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That bag of Fritos you're enjoying is getting just a little more guilt-free. Emissions-wise anyway. Frito-Lay is adding over 1,200 fuel efficient vehicles to their fleet so store deliveries will have a lower carbon footprint.It'd be great to see the company using radically better vehicles - like all electric, or even electric hybrid - but we're still giving them some snaps for the choice to go with Sprinter vehicles, which give them a 50% better fuel efficiency rate over what they're currently using, as well as a 28% reduction of CO2 emissions per vehicle.

However...the addition of the vehicles doesn't mean much if they aren't taking the old guzzlers off the road. The company doesn't mention a swap, just an addition. They do give lip service to alternative fuel vehicles, though:

"Lowering fuel consumption is one approach to reduce costs and our environmental impact, but in the future new emerging technologies and advances in hybrids, fuel cells and hydrogen might move us away from gasoline altogether," added O'Connell.

Just lip service. You'd think that by being the $11 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo, they could afford to get hybrids right now, instead of these 17 MPG vehicles. I guess Coke has a one-up on PepsiCo in that department

Sigh. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

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