2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid to Be Made in U.S.

2010 toyota prius hybrid car photo

Fourth Generation Prius

After more than a decade, the Toyota Prius is still the king of hybrids, at least when it comes to units sold. But despite selling very well in the U.S., it hasn't yet been produced there. That could change for the 2016 model, which would be the fourth generation, though. Toyota has said that it would like to start making the Prius in the U.S. in 2015, but before it can do that the company has to figure out which suppliers to use for all the parts that are specific to hybrids like the Prius (batteries, which by then should be lithium-ion, electric motors, power electronics, planetary gearsets for the special CVT, etc).

New 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid car photo

Koie Saga, a senior managing director for Toyota drivetrain research, is quoted on Toyota's past and present plans for making the Prius in the U.S.:

While Toyota currently builds small numbers of Camry Hybrids in Kentucky, using parts imported from Japan, the Prius would be its first vehicle to use hybrid components built in the U.S.

Toyota tried once before to bring Prius assembly to the States. Its assembly plant in Blue Spring, Mississippi, was originally meant to produce Highlander sport utility vehicles, but in the face of the 2008 gas-price spike, Toyota changed gears and said it would build the Prius there instead.

That plan was put on hold during the economic downturn, and in June 2010 the company decided to build its high-volume Corolla sedan there instead--making up for capacity lost when Toyota shut down its Fremont, California, joint-venture plant with GM. (source)

Via Green Car Reports

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