Four New Solar-Powered Ferries Coming to Hong Kong

solar sailor ferries photo

image: Solar Sailor Holdings

I have to say that usually when I hear about a solar-powered boat I'm a bit skeptical -- often the solar power is just used for lighting or other equipment and not propulsion -- but not so with Kong Kong's four new solar-powered ferries. Solar power will supply three-quarters of their power, with liquid petroleum gas supplying the remainder. Bloomberg has the details:The boats were purchased by the Hong Kong Jockey Club as part of a $45 million effort towards making the city more sustainable; and will be used to ferry golfers to the Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course.

Designed by Syndey-based Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd., the ferries will reduce carbon emissions by 50% and save the ferry operators $6 million in fuel costs over their typical 15 year lifespan.

More info on the ferries: Solar Sailor
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