Found! A Hybrid More Efficient Than a Prius

How could we resist? The ever insightful WorldWatch Magazine recently had a delightful photo essay on the many uses of the bicycle. But this image tops even their selection. How we found this glorious pic is a story in itself, so wax your board as we’re off on a surf. Rob Baxter, who is a keen trailer toting cyclist (even helping a friend move house via bicycle), read our story on the trioBike and thought readers might be interested in the very cute Leggero Shopper that converts from bike trailer to shopping trolley. The Swiss Leggero is available in Canada from Bike Box, who also do a line of ...... bike trailers, including the Modular Base model, which apparently is happy hauling loads up to 200 lbs (90 kg). But Andy Hunter, CEO and Designer of BikeBox, also has a gallery of bike trailers and suchlike, out-and-about. Aside from spying his link to the award winning British Carry Freedom convertible trailers, this is where we also stumbled on that great three-wheeler photo from Bike Box customers, Gwendal and Tania, who are part of The Antipodes Expedition: From Ushuaia to Inuvik by Bicycle. (that's the bottom of South America to the top of North America). Around the world in eight e-links, huh?


Bikes with trailers help with moving house.


The carry freedom City trailer.


Need to move 200 lbs (90 kgs)? Then maybe Bike Box can help.


The Leggero shopper cum bike trailer that started this whole post.