Fossil Fool: Home of the Down Low Glow

Treehugging isn't always just about saving massive amounts of energy, or keeping the air free of emissions, or even getting lots of healthy exercise. Sometimes, a little fun in the mix can be just as powerful as all the green products you can find. Of course, when your fun does all of the above, that's something else. And the Down Low Glow is definitely something else...Rather than messing about with tiny little red LED flashers, or micro-halogen headlights, Fossil Fool has a much more... street racer solution. Their Down Low Glow system converts your boring old bike to a genuine neon encrusted street rod. Your DLG kit comes complete with 12" neon tube (red, green, or blue), rechargeable battery, charger, full mounting kit, and instruction manual for 99 bucks. Thirty dollars more will get you a second tube for even more glowing goodness. While this may seem like a lot for lighting, if you already spent a chunk of change on your bike, think about how much more safe and visible you and your bike will be. You really can't be missed on the road with these puppies turned on.
:: Fossil Fool