Formula Zero Racer: Day Dreaming by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz Formula Zero Racer photo

If the podracing in StarWars I was tempered by the grace of the Greenbird’s land yacht design then you might have something that Mercede-Benz designers are saying in 2025 would be called Formula Zero. (Except, of course that we already have Formula Zero racing.)

In the Mercedes-Benz conceptual model the racer combines electric hub motors, an aero-efficient solar skin and a high-tech rigid sail. The idea, apparently being, that teams all set off with equal quantities of stored energy. To win you need not only be the swiftest, but also the one with the most energy still in reserve. Oh, and spectators see the race through a transparent race track.

Might just be more grown men spending too much time playing with their CAD rending tools or it might lead to real vehicle breakthroughs. More pix after the fold.

Mercedes Benz Formula Zero Top photo

Mercedes Benz Formula Zero Track photo

We stumbled on this at ::Popular Science, who found it at Gizmodo, who in turn seem to unearthed it via the Los Angeles Design Challenge

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