Former GM Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz Joins Electric Car Company Via Motors


Photo: Michael Graham Richard, Detroit 2009
Lutz Hasn't Made His Last Car...
Bob Lutz, the man who once upon a time derided hybrids and electric cars only to later be instrumental in making GM produce the Chevy Volt, has now joined a small electric car company named Via Motors. Apparently he wasn't just pretending to like EVs...

Photo: Via Motors

About the reason for his new role at Via, Lutz said: "In my long career working with GM, Ford, Chrysler and BMW, I considered the Chevy Volt the most important car we had yet made. I am now pleased to join VIA Motors to expand the vision of extended range electric vehicles and help build the next generation of electrified trucks, vans and SUVs. I believe VIA's extended range electric trucks will be a game changer, and drive the standard for clean, high performance, utility vehicles around the world."

Indeed, Via Motors takes mostly pickup trucks from GM (who else) and turns them into range-extended EVs, kind of like the Chevy Volt.

As far as I know, they are still at the vaporware stage, but I doubt that Lutz would have joined if they didn't have the potential to start shipping at some point. We'll see...

Via Via Motors (that's not a typo)

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