Ford's Sneezeless Wonder

All joking aside, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity are serious problems to deal with when buying a car. Every time you hop in, you're basically sealing yourself into an environment full of potentially irritant chemicals and gasses. Vinyl seat materials leach phthalates, adhesives off-gas for years after the car is made, and cheap, shiny interior metal uses high nickel content to discourage tarnishing. All these things can add up to athsma, itching, and more breakouts than you can shake a tube of cortizone at...Which is why Ford UK has introduced the Focus C-Max edition. With low-VOC adhesives, high efficiency pollen filters, and upholstery made with minimally, or non-irritant chemicals, the C-Max is the closest car that allergy sufferers have to heaven. So close, in fact, that TÜV, the accredited international testing organisation gave it the thumbs up, and The British Allergy Foundation has granted it's 'Seal of Approval'. Plus, it's high efficiency diesel engine gets an average of 13 MPG better than its gas cousins, and can run on Biodiesel if you like. And to top it all off, it's looking gooooood.
:: Ford C-Max at TransportTrends [by DM]