Ford+EPA: Diesel Makes A Comeback

Hybrids have been getting a lot of press lately for being the next "save the world" wagons, and we love them for that. But the truth is that diesel has always been more efficient than gasoline in a well tuned engine, and most diesel cars get as good or better mileage than comparable hybrid vehicles. Plus, these lucky folks get to take advantage of green alternatives like Biodiesel. But Diesel always had a major drawback; Incomplete combustion in the engines produce Nitrogen Oxide (NOX), which is a major component of smog, and is implicated in causing millions of asthma attacks every year...Now Ford, along with the EPA, has developed a new clean-burning diesel engine that cuts NOX emissions, and gets 30-40 percent better mileage than regular gas cars. This is great in the short term, since we would be using less fuel, kicking out less CO2, and warming less globe. And, this could be a great first step toward reducing fossil fuel dependence, and pave the way to super efficient hybrid-diesel cars that finally get over a hundred MPG. We can only hope.
::Ford's Diesel::EPA Press Release [by DM]