Ford Transit Connect Electric Delivery Van: The Fully Charged Review (Video)

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Electric cars may still have their doubters, but if there is anywhere where EVs should really come into their own it's in the urban environment. And while we regular citizens might just be cajoled into biking, walking, using mass transit or even working from home, the chances are that we will still need to deliver goods to shops and businesses in our cities. That's where electric delivery vehicles come in. And the electric version of the Ford Transit Connect is one of the most prominent early examples of these potential game changers. Now comedy legend and EV nut Robert Llewellyn gets to take the thing for a test drive.

fellow TreeHugger Mike was distinctly unimpressed by the gas-powered version of the Ford Transit Connect, but the EV version is another matter entirely. From the fact that fixed delivery routes eliminate range anxiety; through the stop-start nature of urban traffic; to the reduced maintenance costs—this might just be the perfect application of early Electric Vehicle technology.

Robert Llewellyn would certainly seem to agree as he shares his vision for distribution depots mounted with solar arrays on their usually-sizable roofs. My only question is whether this means that delivery vehicles would need to make their runs in the dark, returning back to the depot for daytime charging? In many ways, that might not be a bad thing—significantly reducing the congestion on city-center roads.

All-in-all a very promising vehicle. Not every business can use a cargo bike.

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