Ford to Launch 5 New Electric Vehicles by 2013


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At the 2010 Geneva auto show (from whence I'm reporting), Ford took the opportunity to announce its plans for moving electric vehicles to market in Europe. Not be outdone by Volkswagen--which announced its EV strategy yesterday--Ford is planning on offering no less than 5 electric and hybrid electric cars for sale by 2013.The plan is going to look a little something like this:

2011 - Commence sales of the all-electric, ever-utilitarian light vehicle Ford Transit Connect Electric. Perhaps since the non-electric version was such a distinct non-success, the EV overhaul was in order. The FTCE (the name doesn't quite roll off the tongue) will have a range of 80 miles, and will be ideal for business use. Pictured above is the Tourneo BEV concept.
2012 - Enter the all-electric Ford Focus, first unveiled at Detroit earlier this year.

2013 - And out with the rest: two all-new, as-of-yet unknown hybrid electrics, and one plug-in hybrid still kept in the dark. The details of these three vehicles won't be reported until it gets closer to launch time, but Ford has confirmed that all three will enter the European market in 2013.


The new non-electric Ford Focus
Ford has the strongest presence of any American automaker (unless you count Opel, maybe) at Geneva, with well-designed, economical smaller cars on display (its Focus still a big seller across Europe). Once a stubborn and counter-productive force in the shift to greener cars, it's nearly safe to say that Ford has emerged something of a leading light for the American auto industry. And if it's not quite safe to say that yet, Ford is indeed making some serious strides--it's sort of like an obnoxious bully at a kid's birthday party being one of the first to offer to help clean up the mess afterward. Or something like that.

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