Ford Suggests EV Etiquette Rules for Public Charging Stations

Electric car chargingYoutube/Screen capture

He Has a Lab Coat, He Must Be An Expert

Public electric car charging stations are relatively new to most people, including EV drivers who until recently had few charging options, and this means that there will be a period during which people figure things out and learn what is the proper way to do things.

To help get the ball rolling, Ford has produced a short video and an infographic about EV charging etiquette:

Ford EV Charging etiquette© Ford

The Future of EV Charging

Granted, most people will only very rarely have to recharge their EV at public charging stations because if they plug at home, they'll be leaving with a full charge every morning, and few people drive over 100 miles in a typical day. But for those times when charging at a public station is required, I think confusion will be kept to a minimum by standardizing on charging stations that can communicate with the EV and know the charge level and whether it's ok or not to unplug the vehicle.

For example, there could be a very clear indicator on the station itself (if not also on the car) that the EV is fully charged and that it is okay to unplug it, and there could also be an option on the station for the person who plugs in to say how much charge they need before it's ok to unplug. ie. You key in that it's okay to unplug after you reach 50% charge, and so after that is reached, the indicator lights up on the station to let others know it's ok to unplug.

I also wouldn't be surprised if smartphone apps allowed EV drivers to know exactly what can and can't be done at a certain charging station.

Electric car chargingYoutube/Screen capture

Via Ford

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