Ford Spends $75 Million to Retool Michigan Truck Plant for Small Car Production

Ford Michigan Plant photo

Ford Adapting to New Reality
GM has already announced that it would invest more in small cars, a hot market. Now Ford is announcing a $75 million investment in its Michigan truck plant to retool it for C-class small car production.

"The plant will begin converting its body shop in November when the tooling and equipment specific to the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator will be disassembled and transferred to Kentucky Truck Plant [...] in the interim, 1,000 employees will be transferred next door to Wayne Assembly Plant where a third crew will be added in January to accommodate increased production of the hot-selling Ford Focus" Small Vehicles at Michigan Plant: Only in 2010
Retooling a manufacturing plant of that size isn't easy or quick, so the C-class vehicles will only start production in 2010. If Ford had been a bit faster to react and had make the change a few years ago, it would already have these vehicles now that demand is higher than supply in many areas.

Ford Fiesta photo

Two Other Truck Plants to Follow
In 2010, Cuautitlan Assembly will begin production of the Fiesta (only in Europe right now - lets hope they'll bring the 63 MPG Fiesta ECOnetic over), replacing F-Series pickups. Louisville Assembly, home of the Ford Explorer mid-size SUV, will make more small vehicles from the automaker’s global C-car platform the following year, but we don't know which ones yet.

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Ford Spends $75 Million to Retool Michigan Truck Plant for Small Car Production
"The plant will

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