Ford to slash price of Focus Electric by $4,000 for 2014 model

Ford Focus Electric
© Ford

$25,200 in California after all tax credits

It looks like pretty much all electric vehicles have been getting price cuts lately, something that we should expect more of over time as economies of scale and technological improvements bring down the cost of producing them, and as competition heats up.

The latest announcement is for the Ford Focus EV (and it's not even the first time this year that a price cut for the Focus EV has been announced): Ford is cutting its price from $39,200 to $35,200 for the 2014 model, a different of about 10%. Add to that a $7,500 federal tax credit, and the price of the EV drops to $27,700. If you are in California, where most Focus EVs are sold, there's an additional $2,500 credit that brings the cost to $25,200. No bad!

It's widely expected that GM will follow with a price cut for the Chevrolet Volt. New pricing for the 2014 Volt should be announced in a few weeks.

The Detroit automaker is offering $4,000 cash off the 2013 Chevrolet Volt through Sept. 3, which lowers the price of the plug-in hybrid $35,145.

It also is offering zero percent financing for qualified buyers; the offer includes $2,000 cash off the normal starting sticker price of $39,145. The deal, through Sept. 3, is for $473 a month for 72 months, with $3,999 down.

GM is offering a $269 monthly lease for three years with $2,399 due at signing. The lease deal expires Sept. 3.

Via Detroit News

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