Ford releases smartwatch app for its EV and plug-in hybrid owners

Ford smartwatch app for EVs and plug-in hybrid owners
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Owners of Ford’s C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric, and Fusion Energi electric vehicles can now get their car's stats on their wrist.

Android and Apple smartwatch owners who also drive a Ford EV or plug-in hybrid will be able to check the status of their battery charge, unlock their vehicle's doors, and, in the event that they can't remember where they parked their car, will be able to locate it with the new MyFord Mobile smartwatch app.

Although Ford's entry into the EV and plug-in hybrid car market hasn't been covered nearly as often as the golden child of electric vehicles, Tesla Motors, the company's offerings are much more suited to the rest of us, the unwashed masses of the lower and middle classes, and come with an exponentially larger service and corporate support network. With that type of coverage alone, Ford may be able to reach a much bigger EV and plug-in hybrid customer base, even if their vehicles don't come with a "ludicrous" mode or the brand cachet that Tesla owners enjoy.

For the Ford EV or hybrid owner, life may be getting a bit easier, or at least more convenient, when it comes to monitoring their vehicle remotely and finding the nearest charging station, as the new MyFord Mobile smartwatch app will allow them to access a number of functions from their wrist.

Drivers can find out the estimated range of the current battery charge, be notified when their vehicle is fully charged, and even "initiate preconditioning" of the car's interior (read: cooling or heating) remotely. The app features access to the driver's personal driving score (the miles per gallon or equivalent, trip miles, driving and braking efficiency, percentage of time driven in full electric mode, etc.), can pinpoint the vehicle's location and provide directions back to it, as well as locate the nearest EV charging station.

The new apps, which were developed in-house by Ford engineers as a complement to the smartphone MyFord Mobile app, were designed to fit both round and square smartwatch faces, and are targeted to both existing owners and new buyers of the company's C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric, and Ford Fusion Energi cars.

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