Ford Fuel Economy Expert Builds 125 MPG 3-Wheel Motorcycle in His Garage


Next Project: A Plug-in Hybrid
A Ford fuel efficiency technical expert named John (goes by the name of HyperRocket on the Ecomodder forums) built this 2-seat, 3-wheel reverse trike that gets about 125 MPG at 65 MPH in his garage. He's now selling it on eBay to free up space for his next project: A plug-in hybrid. More technical details below.

From Ecomodder:

After working [on] improving conventional production car/truck fuel economy I wanted to try something with fewer constraints,” says EcoModder member John (HyperRocket). Now there’s an understatement.

His street legal, 2-seat, tandem vehicle is registered as a motorcycle and was engineered for both high efficiency and fun:

  • the drivetrain is from a Kawasaki Ninja: a 250cc liquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC 2 cylinder tuned with an exhaust gas analyzer for best efficiency & driveability

  • six speed manual transmission

  • weight: 505 lbs

  • excellent 0.16 coefficient of drag, calculated through GPS-based coast down tests

  • HID projector headlight up front, and LED’s elsewhere (front turn signals are integrated into the side mirrors for aerodynamics)

  • safety features include 4 point seat belts, roll bar and front mounted IMPAXX crash foam as now used in NASCAR sides

John claims fuel efficiency of 105 mpg (US) (2.2 L/100 km) cruising on the highway at 65mph when equipped with the bling wheels and sporty gearing, and even better numbers with a couple of additional mods: "When equipped with the pictured motorcycle tires (not included) and a smaller rear sprocket it achieved 125 mpg @ 65mph." (1.9 L/100 km @ 105 km/h)

It definitely attracts attention, though. John once got stopped by the cops and they called in "backup" to show the trike to others, and even neighbors came out to check it out. John says: "No ticket, everyone was genuinely interested in ecomodding!"

Via Ecomodder (Thanks Darin!)

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