Ford Focus Electric Officially Beats Nissan Leaf Electric In Miles Per Gallon Equivalent

Ford Focus Electric

Following the energy crisis of 1979 , Japanese car makers, trailed a few car lengths by Volkswagen, got first in advantage with US markets by offering superior pollution controls, advanced safety features (instead of whining about big government as Detroit makers mostly did), better mileage, high performing engines that consumers liked, and continuous improvements in reliability. Those were the bad old days; and it took until the 1990's for Detroit to catch up.

While today's exiting Chevy Volt seems to have fallen back a few laps lately - GM recently furloughed workers & shut down Volt production for 5 weeks to let demand catch up with inventory - it's reassuring to see Ford has taken a front runner position with the new e-Focus design.

From the Ford press release:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certifies the 2012 Ford Focus Electric as America's most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle with a 110 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) city rating.

Focus Electric achieves a combined rating of 105 MPGe, topping Nissan Leaf by 6 MPGe while also offering more motor power, passenger room and standard features.

Customers can make more use of this efficiency with Ford's faster charging technology that can recharge Focus Electric in about half the time of Nissan Leaf .

I lived through the oil crisis: saw drivers behaving badly at the pump and at times couldn't make it to work because the tank was empty. So, here's my take on this model.

Focus Electric, an average looker and small, is likely be put down by today's neo-environmentalists*, many of whom are overly concerned with how 'sexy' or 'hot' the style is.

Wait till the Iranians hit an oil tanker in the Straight of Hormuz, or Chinese fuel demand goes up another couple billion gallons per year. Narcisstic supply looses value when gas is scarce. If either of these happen, you'll see Focus Electric owners selling theirs for 20% more than sticker. I did a similar thing in the early 1980s' with my Honda Civic, selling it for more than I'd paid for it with 70,000 miles on the odometer. In other words, I made a buck off Honda's first in advantage.

Go Ford.

* Neo-environmentalist definition.
1.) a US citizen who considers him/herself to be "green" and yet, while of voting age, is not registered to vote and/or did not vote in the mid-term election that brought Tea Party politics to the fore; 2.) does not realize that being apolitical is a political act; 3.) thinks lifestyle change will do the job.

Ford Focus Electric Officially Beats Nissan Leaf Electric In Miles Per Gallon Equivalent
Ford beats Nissan on electric car efficiency.