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New Belgium Brewing, the creator of that beloved Amber Ale Fat Tire has launched a blog devoted to supporting and promoting the social movement it launched in 2005: Team Wonderbike. Apparently, boozing and biking go hand in hand (well not literally) for the Fort Collins brewmasters—and it’s a good thing they do.Team Wonderbike Rides Online
Team Wonderbike was started three years ago to encourage bicycle use, especially for commuting. The core component of the team’s manifesto is the simple pledge to ride the bike as much as possible. Now counting 13,000 cyclists—bikers of every kind—among its member base, New Belgium has made a sage move in uniting the community online (if you were wondering, those 13,000 cyclists have pledged to ride a whopping total of 13 million miles as opposed to driving next year).

On the website, cyclists everywhere can join the cause, make their pledges, arrange group rides, or simply discuss bicycling with fellow enthusiasts. Long ride Team Wonderbike!

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