Follow the eye candy even if you cannot be at eCarTec

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It's a window on the visions of the future for consumers, but the place to meet for people in the industry that will move us beyond fossil fuels. The eCarTec convention focuses on three of the hottest hubs of innovation in alternative vehicles: China, France, and Germany. This week in Munich, the minds behind electric mobility meet -- with the Materialica conference on topics such as lighter design and better batteries running parallel to the eCarTec Munich event.

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Follow eCarTec on facebook to get a running report on the machines making impressions at the show, and surf the links to get insights into some of the futuristic changes already on the road today. For example, while Tesla demonstrated battery swapping only recently, 450 electric buses already cruise the streets of Chinese Qingdao, where 18 million miles have been covered with over 800,000 battery swaps. The program will expand to 1500 buses before the end of the year.

Ropa energy tube smart batteriesRopa Engineering/Promo image

While the hoses, fuses, and heaters (think about it: less waste engine heat means design challenge) of future e-cars may not be inspiring to the layperson, these are the details that drive the future of driving. For e-car tech geeks, Munich offers more than mere eye candy.

Innovations recognized at eCarTec include better batteries like the Energy Tube from Ropa Engineering pictured above. The Energy Tube addresses a number of concerns that could solve problems with computers, bicycles, and other electric technologies in addition to cars:

    • swarm intelligence will shut out underperforming tubes so the battery no longer reflects the least effective unit;
      tube dimensions prevent self-heating risks, and reduce shipping costs by eliminating dangerous goods classification;
      flexible and versatile packaging serves many purposes.

  • The SmaSh (Smart sharing) platform is nominated in the category best sustainable mobility concepts for its vision of a future in which your mobile phone will take you to the nearest shared vehicle, process payment, and manage alarms with a low consumption device they call Greenspider.

    Of course, Twike is there, continuing to proselytize for the electric auto with hybrid pedal drive.

    The show runs from 9 a.m. 15 October to 6 pm 17 October 2013 at the convention hall in Munich, Germany.

    Follow the eye candy even if you cannot be at eCarTec
    If you cannot be live in Munich for eCarTec, check out the photo updates on their facebook page

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