Five Stylin' Ways to Haul Stuff on Your Bike Handlebars

The Manka Basket and Bag System via Basil.

4. Basil Manka Basket and Bag System.

If you urban bike for any length of time sooner or later you will come across Basil, the fabulous Dutch company that designed bikes way back when but now concentrates on a vast range of bike bag and basket accessories. Seriously, perusing Basil baskets and bags on their web site will have you drooling. OK, if you don't drool with desire, you've already got the coolest bike basket/bag combo in the universe. Basil does a lot of girly baskets and bags, but the Manka is unisex and practical. Prices for the bike and basket combo around $75. The 100% waterproof Forest series of front-attaching bags are also worth a look as they will last many a tough-weather season of city riding.

Pashley Handlebar Bag via Pashley

5. Pashley Leather Handlebar Bag.

This UK-designed handlebar bag is neither really practical (what to do in rain?) nor is it quite affordable at around $265. So all that it's got going for it is beauty and style, really. That's almost enough. The Pashley is hand-stitched from "highest quality Analine leather" and looks superb on a cruiser - never mind that there's only room for sunglasses, wallet and a set of hex keys. For a lower cost lookalike to the Pashley, see Electra's selection of pseudo-leather handlebar bags. Pashley's bikes aren't too shabby, either.

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