Fisker Working on $39,000 Plug-in Hybrid to be Sold in 2012, Made in USA

fisker new plug-in hybrid photo

Photo of Fisker booth before the reveal of the Karma S at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Photo: Michael Graham Richard
Oops, Maybe I Shouldn't Have Said That
Kleiner Perkins investor, and former President of Oracle, Ray Lane, let slip during the AlwaysOn Going Green conference that Fisker would make a major announcement later this week or next week about a new plug-in hybrid that would sell for $39,000 and be available in 2012.
fisker plug-in hybrid photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
New Fisker Plug-In Hybrid Could be Made in the USA
According to Reuters, Fisker "would likely refurbish a factory in the United States to build the vehicle and is aiming to produce 100,000 of the lower-cost plug-in hybrids."

Ray Lane further added that Fisker would be making money on those lower-priced PHEVs, even though the batteries in them might be worth $12-15k. He said: "We are not going to announce and introduce to the market to lose money."

Fisker Automotive is also about to raise another round of financing, no doubt to help with the production of its $87,900 Karma plug-in hybrid.

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Via Reuters
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